Electrician Comes To Repair Lights For 72-Year-old, Then Enlists Entire Community To Fix Her Crumbling House—For Free

When Scott’s overhead light fixture went out, however, she decided living in the dark wouldn’t do. Though she knew her budget would take a hit, she called in electrician John Kinney to make the necessary repairs.

Little did the 72-year-old know, she wasn’t just getting an electrician, she was getting a knight in shining armor as well.

Deeply troubled by the extreme state of disrepair he found Scott’s house in, Kinney couldn’t get the woman’s desperate situation out of his head. “No lights, running water… I [saw] her on a Friday and it stuck with me over the weekend… I said, ‘I got to go back there,’” Kinney told CBS.

Rather than walk away, Kinney went back to Scott’s place and started working on some other much-needed repairs—free of charge. But he didn’t stop there.

Kinney set up a “Nice old lady needs help” Facebook page to solicit other local tradespeople to lend a hand as well. The enthusiastic response was pretty amazing.

With an impressive chunk of the Woburn, Massachusetts community rallying to the call, so far, Scott’s home has gotten new electricical and plumbing systems, new windows, and extensive repairs to the crumbling walls, ceilings, front steps, and porch.

Meanwhile outside, as neighbors toiled on landscape cleanup and new planting projects, a steady flow of food donations streamed in to feed the volunteers.

To say Scott was blown away by the outpouring of generosity is an understatement. “Look at these people!” she exclaimed. “…[You] can’t even comprehend the gratitude that I have.”

The project was such a success, Kinney decided to take it to the next level. Naming the initiative Gloria’s Gladiators, he hopes to inspire a legion of like-minded knights in shining armor—electric or otherwise—to help needy seniors in their own communities.

That sounds like a pretty bright idea to us.